Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Lord, I want to see"

Luke 18:35-42

This account of the blind man's healing is so often attached to the message of salvation, and rightly so. It is yet another in a long list of miracles designed to instruct the unbeliever in the Way, yet it could easily be applied to my daily walk with Him.

How many times do I cry out, "Jesus, have mercy on me!"? I don't understand the "why" of my situation. I am unable to assemble life's puzzle of happenstance into a mortally comprehensible final picture. I cannot fathom the depths of His mastery over time and circumstance, so I cry out, "Jesus, have mercy on me!".

Jesus' response to the blind man was a simple question, "What do you want me to do for you?".

The ultimate act of mercy has already been bestowed upon me. God's gift of His son as redemption for my unworthy soul summarily swallows up my cries for mercy. He has already been merciful, He need not be moreso, yet I awake to another day, moment to moment I draw breath after breath; all because of His mercy on me -- all because of His gift freely given.

What can I learn from the blind man's answer? "Lord, I want to see." He knows that this is the teacher who has been healing the sick and raising the dead. He knows that this is the man they call "Master" who has the power to heal him. His faith is absolute! This man can make him see.

Jesus can help me to see also. I won't percieve the whole of God's grand plan, but I may yet be shown how He will work through me to its benefit; if I will seek that sight. Jesus taught us to pray in three modes and with one attitude. Ask, seek, knock and do it as a child. If we seek within His will, He will reveal the plan as we draw closer to it, as we all the while implore, "Lord, I want to see."