Thursday, May 06, 2010

What would you feed Jesus?

An internet forum which I follow poses the question, 
"If Jesus were to robe himself in flesh and come by for a visit, with you knowing that it in fact was Jesus, what would you feed Him or how would you cook for Him?"
One of the answers really hit home, so I asked the author's permission to share it.

"I don't cook, so out to eat we would go among the sinners and reprobates. Probably fish, fried. Where a whole bunch of people could meet and touch his cloak. Wouldn't want to selfishly hoard him for myself but share him with others, the lost, the saved, whomever. This way others could be touched, healed and influenced by the King of Kings. Nothing I could do would impress him. Cooking for the least among these. We would eat often. Under bridges, in alleys, in broken down cars. The people that could be ministered to would be astounding. The lessons that could be learned first hand, awesome!"