Thursday, March 07, 2013

He Fights

I watched the first few minutes of a mini-series on the History Channel called, "Vikings". Hey, I'm a guy, how am I going to resist a show called "Vikings"?!

The main character takes his 12 year old son to the "city" for the rite of passage of becoming a man, and to hear the "assignments" from their liege lord for the coming year. You see, this man is apparently some sort of soldier for hire.

On their journey to the city, they have made camp and recline by the fire to rest for the night. The father begins a conversation with his son which I found intriguing.

"Are you ready to receive your arm ring and become a man?"


"And what does a man do?"

"He fights."


"He looks after his family."

From the mind of a 12 year old comes his picture of manhood; a picture he has painted primarily from watching his father. It occurs to me that our world today is not so different. We men demonstrate manhood to our sons by our actions every day. We teach them to fight, but for what? We fight, sometimes physically, sometimes politically, sometimes emotionally, or we fight in our dedication to things. For things like cars or sports teams or clothes or whatever the toy of the day might be. We teach them to fight on behalf of their flesh. But do we teach them the value of their heart? That their heart is worth fighting for? Jesus thought my heart was worth fighting for or he would never have come.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. -- John 10:10 ESV

An abundant life begins in the heart.

This passage in John 10 speaks about how the Good Shepherd fights for his sheep. Jesus fought and died for your heart. For your son's heart to be in Christ, that is certainly something worth fighting for.