Friday, March 07, 2014

Enter In

Something has stirred in me about worship.   I have heard a few perspectives lately, and they seem to be coalescing.

In the New Testament we learn that, as believers, we are a royal priesthood.  As a priest, our one "career" is to minister to God.  As part of the King's royal family, we enjoy unfettered access to the throne room and His presence.

We can enter into the presence of the King at ANY moment, without being summoned.  Christ finished this work on the cross!  I need not ask permission to enter, I need not examine my own worthiness, because there is no such thing.  I am DECLARED worthy by the King.  I may ALWAYS enter minister to Him, for that is my "career" as His priest.

"Boldly approach the throne of grace..."

Here's a great piece of news.  God decides the "how" of my ministry to Him.  So in worship, I may boldly approach to receive my assignment from the King of Glory!  He is, after all, the audience of One.